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Tax Planning

objectively assessing and actively managing your tax risk

Put simply, tax planning is the arrangement of a taxpayer’s affairs to comply with the tax law at the lowest possible cost.

Tax law is complex and filing tax returns is a major source of worry whether it is for individuals or big organizations. Tax planning deals with the arrangement of a taxpayer’s affairs in such a manner that it complies with the tax laws and regulations in place. The Scope team will work in partnership with you to minimise your tax and help achieve your key objectives.

The most common mistake that people usually make is to think that tax planning is optimised when every opportunity to reduce taxes have been taken.

Common tax planning techniques that can be deployed usually defer the derivation of assessable income and apply techniques to bring forward deductions. It is however important to realise that consideration may also need to be given to the general and any relevant specific anti-avoidance measures contained in tax law.

Some of the opportunities to reduce tax rely on strained interpretations of the law and this could jeopardise your business and land you in trouble! Hence, tax planning isn’t just about reducing tax; it is also about interpreting the law and finding the optimal solution to your problem.

Scope Business Advisors will assess your situation objectively and actively manage your tax risks.

Business tax returns involve a different assessment and the groundwork involved is a lot more extensive as compared to individual tax returns. We address every need of our clients with the same amount of care and importance whatever be the size of their business.

Contact the Scope team today and let us create an optimal tax plan for your business.