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BAS Services

you focus on the activity, and we’ll focus on the statement

Handling core business activities and the accounting aspects together might eat into a lot of your resources and time. The Scope Business Advisors offer BAS services that come in handy in such cases and are all experienced and well versed in BAS provisions.

We handle the following as part of our services:

  • Choosing and installing an accounting software that is the perfect fit for your organisation
  • Advising on the above
  • Representing the client in their tax related dealings
  • BAS lodging services plus interpretation and handling of BAS related provisions
  • Reconciliation of data relating to BAS provisions
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Migration of data from legacy systems or manual data onto your accounting software like MYOB or Xero.
  • Payroll services, superannuation charges, tax invoices and configuring software to generate reports regarding GST, luxury tax, BAS and so on.

What does a BAS Provision include?

  • Laws relating to GST
  • Laws relating to wine equalisation tax
  • Laws relating to luxury car taxes
  • Laws relating to fuel tax
  • Collection and recovery of FBT and the laws associated with them
  • Amount payable under PAYG withholding and PAYG instalments
  • Refundable/playable WET amounts

The above laws are included under the BAS provision and Scope Business Advisors will handle all the above and everything else included under the BAS services. We also help with transferring your data from other systems.

You can rely on us to meet your obligations under the BAS provision. Contact us to get started.