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Scott Peterson - accountant & managing partner - Scope Business Advisors Adelaide

Scott Peterson

Managing Partner

Scott joined Schulz Hobbs in 2005 as an Accountant, providing accounting and taxation services. He is a Partner of Schulz Hobbs and oversees the innovation and development portfolio.

Along with a high level of accounting and tax expertise, Scott has an excellent knowledge of IT. He regularly assists clients with MYOB and general IT matters and his work with clients in this area has boosted efficiency both in MYOB and in general book-keeping.

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Phil Stockwell - accountant & partner

Phil Stockwell


Phil has been with Schulz Hobbs since 2007 as an Accountant providing accounting and taxation services. Phil specialises in the full range of business advisory and compliance services including a focus on building profitable businesses and trusting relationships with their owners.

As well as being highly focused on providing clients with the best service possible and helping them to add value to their businesses, Phil has significant experience and breadth of knowledge across the accounting and business environments and access to a significant network of complimentary service providers.

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Jarrad Riches - Partner

Jarrad Riches


Jarrad joined Scope Business Advisory in 2020 as a Partner. He has a strong passion for delivering a personalised service, building great relationships with clients and working closely to drive their business to sustainable growth. He takes pride in his innovative approaches, leveraging technology where possible to provide the best solution for the client.

From over seven years in management at Grant Thornton, Jarrad gained an interest in client affairs. In addition to the compliance requirements he assisted with strategic planning, growth opportunities, management reporting, budgets & cashflow forecasts, business and succession planning and asset protection.

Jarrad is an accredited Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce.

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Tanya Griguol - accountant senior manager

Tanya Griguol

Senior Manager

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Kylie Galliver - accounting senior manager Adelaide

Kylie Galliver

Senior Manager

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Vicki Gibbons - accountant Adelaide

Vicki Gibbons

Accounting Team

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Madeline Majstrenko - Accounting Team

Madeline Majstrenko

Accounting Team

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Dylan Silvy - accountant Adelaide

Dylan Silvy

Accounting Team

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Sophie Newell - accountant Adelaide

Sophie Newell

Accounting Team

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Kate Tilbrook - accountant Adelaide

Kate Tilbrook

Accounting Team

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Emily Durand - accountant & superannuation

Emily Durand

Accounting Team/Superannuation

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Shannon Meers - accounting executive assistant

Shannon Meers

Executive Assistant

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Jodie Barbaro - Support Team

Jodie Barbaro

Support Team

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Angel Nashar - accounting support team

Angel Nashar

Support Team

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Meike Peterson - accounting support team

Meike Peterson

Support Team

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Tyla Cook - accounting support team

Tyla Cook

Support Team

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