The Business Advisors at Scope will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with tailored information and constructive advice on a regular basis.

Recording business transactions in a standard format is of utmost importance for businesses today because today’s businesses require accurate and up to date financial information. Managing this could be a huge burden for companies and mean a lot of overheads.

The Scope team can relieve you of this burden by managing your accounts and helping you with our bookkeeping services. We can take over and handle the enormous responsibility of your general accounting along with annual accounting and managing your accounts periodically for tax purposes. We can also handle your accounts for business appraisal and planning purposes.

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Tax Returns

When Scope does your taxes, you can expect a dedicated business advisor with a proactive approach to work, consistent superior service and timely delivery. We believe in addressing every concern of every client with the same amount of dedication and attention.

The laws and regulations governing taxation are ever changing and becoming increasingly complex. Tax can be one of the major costs incurred by most businesses so expert help can come in handy for minimising tax and helping businesses achieve key objectives.

The team at Scope bring together technical expertise and experience as showcased by each of their proven track records. We offer a full range of taxation services and will work through your business structure to come up with solutions that are tax effective and help in identifying areas that can help you reduce your taxes significantly.

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GST Lodgement

The GST system can be complex and confusing. For this reason, the Scope team ensures that they are continuously up to date on the changes and able to offer you accurate advice. If you own a business that has a turnover above a certain minimum threshold, you are required to register for GST and charge your customers GST for every service/goods purchased.

Every transaction brings with it a GST issue. We are experienced with all of these issues and can offer expert advice on GST for your business.

Our GST related services ensure that you don’t miss your GST lodgement dates and the GST aspects of your business are taken care of smoothly.

The GST related services we offer include, but are not limited to;

  • Advice on registering for Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • GST Returns Handling – Filing and Adjustment of returns
  • Assistance with ATO Audits

The Business Advisors at Scope will help you understand and provide clarity and assistance with any GST business query. Contact us today and let us point you in the right direction.

BAS Services

Handling core business activities and the accounting aspects together might eat into a lot of your resources and time. The Scope Business Advisors offer BAS services that come in handy in such cases and are all experienced and well versed in BAS provisions.

We handle the following as part of our services:

  • Choosing and installing an accounting software that is the perfect fit for your organisation
  • Advising on the above
  • Representing the client in their tax related dealings
  • BAS lodging services plus interpretation and handling of BAS related provisions
  • Reconciliation of data relating to BAS provisions
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Migration of data from legacy systems or manual data onto your accounting software like MYOB or Xero.
  • Payroll services, superannuation charges, tax invoices and configuring software to generate reports regarding GST, luxury tax, BAS and so on.

What does a BAS Provision include?

  • Laws relating to GST
  • Laws relating to wine equalisation tax
  • Laws relating to luxury car taxes
  • Laws relating to fuel tax
  • Collection and recovery of FBT and the laws associated with them
  • Amount payable under PAYG withholding and PAYG instalments
  • Refundable/playable WET amounts

The above laws are included under the BAS provision and Scope Business Advisors will handle all the above and everything else included under the BAS services. We also help with transferring your data from other systems.

You can rely on us to meet your obligations under the BAS provision. Contact us to get started.

Tax Planning

Put simply, tax planning is the arrangement of a taxpayer’s affairs to comply with the tax law at the lowest possible cost.

Tax law is complex and filing tax returns is a major source of worry whether it is for individuals or big organizations. Tax planning deals with the arrangement of a taxpayer’s affairs in such a manner that it complies with the tax laws and regulations in place. The Scope team will work in partnership with you to minimise your tax and help achieve your key objectives.

The most common mistake that people usually make is to think that tax planning is optimised when every opportunity to reduce taxes have been taken.

Common tax planning techniques that can be deployed usually defer the derivation of assessable income and apply techniques to bring forward deductions. It is however important to realise that consideration may also need to be given to the general and any relevant specific anti-avoidance measures contained in tax law.

Some of the opportunities to reduce tax rely on strained interpretations of the law and this could jeopardise your business and land you in trouble! Hence, tax planning isn’t just about reducing tax; it is also about interpreting the law and finding the optimal solution to your problem.

Scope Business Advisors will assess your situation objectively and actively manage your tax risks.

Business tax returns involve a different assessment and the groundwork involved is a lot more extensive as compared to individual tax returns. We address every need of our clients with the same amount of care and importance whatever be the size of their business.

Contact the Scope team today and let us create an optimal tax plan for your business.

Tax & Accounting

Scope Business Advisors offer a full range of taxation and accounting services based on proven knowledge and experience. Our proactive approach ensures we deliver a consistent service and build solid long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Taxation can be a major cost to your business. We will work in partnership with you to minimise your tax and help you achieve your key objectives.

Your records and bookkeeping are important to maintain accurate data and gauge the financial state of your business. We can relieve you and your staff of an enormous burden by taking care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

We provide a complete service of help and advice in all the following areas:

Tax Services

  • Preparation of individual tax returns
  • Preparation of activity statements
  • Advice on payment of tax
  • GST/FBT Obligations
  • Asset Protection and Tax Minimisation
  • Advice on and implementation of tax effective structures
  • Management of any ATO Audits or Disputes

Accounting Services

  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of periodic management accounts
  • Regular tailored information and advice

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